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With over fifteen years within the Warden-Call & Telecare industry as installers, project managers, system designers and commissioning engineers, we have now combined all of this experience and knowledge to offer a range of services to other installers, Housing Associations, Councils and even manufacturers alike. We pride ourselves in being the one stop company to assist in the day to day running of your own business. We also offer our services to new businesses who may be looking to
become   installers   within   the   industry.   Located   Nationwide,   we   can   reach areas   that   your   own   company   may   not   have   access   to,   whether   it   be   to conduct   a   one-off   site    survey,   carry   out   on-site   training   either   with   your   own staff   or   the   end-user,   or   to   undertake   the   whole   installation,   with   our   own engineers or with local installers whom we can recommend. Being   independent,   any   advice   that   we   may   offer   is   utterly   impartial.      This means   that   we   are   best   placed   to   offer   guidance   on   any   system,   from   any manufacturer,   regarding   which   product   or   service   is   best   suited   to   your   own specifications,     the     current     infrastructure     or     to     your     clients’     own requirements.    
We   are   here   to   help   you   invest   your   money   into   the   best   technology   available   to           meet   you   and   your   clients’   needs.   Please   browse   our   website   to   see   all   of   the services that we can offer and the types of systems that we can advise on.  We are looking forward to being of assistance to your business very soon!
DECT Coverage Issues W e    are    frequently    contacted    about problems      with      D ECT       coverage, especially on new builds.
Ideally,    D ECT     surveys    should be   carried   out   in   full   before installation       takes       place, unfortunately,   there   are   many factors   within   a   building   that can affect your coverage. Is
your DECT system causing problems ? Why     not     con tac t     us     to     run     an impartial survey over your entire site?
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